DIY Macrame Keychain Tutorial

This macrame keychain will be a lovely party favor for any ladies’ event. Simply follow this DIY Macrame Keychain tutorial and you will be on your way to creating these beauties.

Today I am going to teach you how to make these beauties. If you are going to give gifts to your guests, give them something worth keeping, give them a life long memory. 

Here is what you will need:

DIY Macrame Keychain Tutorial (Ingredients)

DIY Macrame Keychain Tutorial:

If the written instructions seem hard to follow, please see the step-by-step video tutorial above. 

  • To start, secure your keyring in place.
    • I used a wall clip to hold my ring. 
  • Thread both of the 2-1/2 feet long strings through the keyring.
    •  Now 4 strands will be hanging from the ring. 
  • Pull the 2 outer strings down.
    • Make the outer strings hang longer.
    • The middle strings will be approximately 7 inches long.
  • Position the left outer string so that it looks like the number “9”.
  • Drape the right outer string over the tail of the “9” shaped string. 
  • Thread the right outer string through the circular hole of the “9”.
  • Pull both outer strings tight to form a knot under the ring.
  • Continue these same steps for approximately 17 more times.
  • Take 3 inches of your 1-foot string and align it with the tassel strings.
  • Loop the outer end of your 1-foot string around the base of your knotted design.
  • Thread the end of your 1-foot string through the loop that you have created. 
  • Loop the twine 3 more times.
  • Take the remaining end of your 1-foot string and thread it through the last loop. 
  • Trim off the remaining piece of the 1-foot strand.
  • Unravel the 4 tassels strings and comb them out.
  •  Trim the tassels to 2-1/2 inches long with scissors.

Email me; I would love to hear about how much your friends appreciated these keychain party favors that you have graciously made for them.

For more party favor ideas see my Blog page.

For a step-by-step tutorial, click on the video link below.

God bless you and your upcoming event. 

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