DIY Sombrero Earbud Wrap

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Learn how to make this DIY Sombrero Earbud Wrap. This wrap is a cute party favor for any Mexican fiesta or for Cinco de Mayo!

Here is what you will need:

To get started, download a FREE copy of the Sombrero Earbud Wrap by clicking the button below.

FREE Sombrero Earbud Wrap Pattern

Now that you have downloaded your FREE pattern, go ahead and print the pattern on Dark Fabric Transfer Paper.

Next, separate the paper backing from the vinyl. Prepare the felt by heating it with an iron or heat press. 

Place the printed vinyl on top of the felt and top it with the parchment paper that is included with the transfer paper.

Now, iron the transfer onto the felt. Make sure that you allow time to cool so that you don’t burn yourself.  

Using heavy-duty scissors, cut out the sombrero. 

Finally, it is time to add the snaps. In my video below I am showing you how to apply the snaps that I have purchased. You will need to follow the instructions for the snaps that you choose to use.

For my snaps, I am taking the prongs and pushing them through the felt, being careful not to stab my fingers.

For the snap tool that I am using, it requires you to bring the middle section of the tool down over the fabric and the prong. Make sure to insert the fabric into the slot that corresponds with the size of the snap. Point the snap’s prongs up. Lowering the tool over the socket, I used a hammer and struck the snap attacher’s raised circle. To finish, I repeated the previous steps for the remaining stud and prong.

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God bless you and your upcoming event.

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