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Happy Fall Scarecrow Magnet Instructions:

Learn how to make this adorable Happy Fall Scarecrow Magnet.  Add this little cutie to your Thanksgiving dinner table as a festive gift for your friends and family members. Your guests can then take this fall magnet back to their homes and add a festive flair to their refrigerator or office space.

Here is what you will need:


If you are going to give gifts to your guests, give them something worth keeping, give them a life long memory.

  • To start, click on the link below to access this FREE pattern along with my other free project resources. 
Happy Fall Scarecrow Magnet Pattern
  • Print the pattern on regular paper. Now, go ahead and cut one of the faces out with scissors and set it to the side.
Happy Fall Scarecrow Magnet Printing
  • Take a 5-gallon paint stick and measure and market it at 5″ in length. Take the 1-gallon paint stick and measure and market it at 3″ long.
Happy Fall Scarecrow Magnet Highlights Measure Sticks
  • Using a saw, cut the sticks along your marks.
Cutting Paint Stick
  • Now, it is time to paint.  I have used dark brown acrylic paint for the scarecrows hat and a light tan for his face.  Feel free to use whatever colors that you desire.
Happy Fall Scarecrow Magnet Painting Stick
  • When the paint finishes drying, take your pattern and a small piece of transfer paper. Lay the transfer paper on top of the face section of your paint stick with the darker side pointed down. Please note, the transfer paper is one-sided. You can test the transfer paper direction with a scratch piece of paper if needed.
Happy Fall Scarecrow Add Magnet Transfer Paper
  • Now, place the printed face pattern on top of the transfer paper. Make sure that the printed design is lined up properly with your stick.  I recommend taping it in place.
Happy Fall Scarecrow Magnet Pattern
  • Take a pencil and trace the pattern.
Happy Fall Scarecrow Magnet Pencil Trace
  • Once the face is showing your stick, go ahead and retrace the lines with your colored Sharpie markers.
Happy Fall Scarecrow Magnet Trace With Sharpie
  • Create the scarecrow’s hat by gluing the smaller stick onto the top of the larger one.
Happy Fall Scarecrow Magnet Glue Hat
  • Glue pieces of 2″ twine onto the back of the hat and also glue it beside the face. Now your scarecrow has hair.
Happy Fall Scarecrow Magnet Glue Hair
  • You can add a little dimension to your hat by drawing a few lines across it with a black Sharpie marker.
Happy Fall Scarecrow Magnet Highlights
  • For the last step, take a magnet strip that is approximately 2″ long and attach it to the back of your scarecrow.
Happy Fall Scarecrow Magnet Add Magnet

How did it go?

Let me know how you did with making this festive fall artwork.  This is a fantastic Thanksgiving party favor for all of your friends and family.

For a step-by-step tutorial, click on the video link below. 

For more party favor ideas see my Blog page. 

God bless you and your upcoming event. 

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