Twig Christmas Tree & Ornaments

How to Make a Twig Christmas Tree Instructions:

Learn how to make a Twig Christmas Tree. This is a super cheap & easy project. I have this merry little tree hanging in my guest bathroom. But I believe that it would make a wonderful gift display next to the front door of your event. Encourage your guest to untie a decorative Christmas ornament as a gift for them as they leave your party.

Here is what you will need:


If you are going to give a gift to you guests, give them something worth keeping. Give the a life long memory. 

  • If you would like to make these little rustic wooden Christmas ornament, click on the link below. You will gain access to these FREE patterns along with my other free project resources. Also check on my step-by-step blog post and video tutorial.

  • To start this project, gather your sticks. My sticks are 22″, 16″ 12″, 9″ and 6″ long. Of course, you can use whatever size that you desire.
  • Lay out your sticks with the largest on the bottom and the smallest on top.
How to Make a Twig Christmas Tree 9
  • Next, attach each of your sticks with twine. I precut my twine at 12″ long. 

How to Make a Twig Christmas Tree 1
  • Try to keep each of your sticks at the same distance apart. It is a little easier to check spacing if you only tie a single knot to begin with. Once you are pleased with the spacing, go ahead and double knot your string. I have spaced my wood sticks at 3-1/2″ apart.  This project doesn’t have to be perfect. Just try to keep it close to the same distance so that your tree doesn’t look crooked.

How to Make a Twig Christmas Tree 2

Video Tutorial:

  • For the top hanging string, I cut my twine at 16″ long. Attach both ends of this string to the smallest stick.

How to Make a Twig Christmas Tree 3
  • For the final step, cut the excess string pieces off of your twine. Be careful not to cut them too short or they will come untied.

How to Make a Twig Christmas Tree 4
  • And, just like that you are done. Wasn’t that an easy project? As a reminder, these wood burned Christmas ornaments look fantastic on this rustic tree. Click on the link below to access the FREE pattern.
How to Make a Twig Christmas Tree 5

I pray that you have an amazing Christmas with your friends and family members.

For a step-by-step tutorial, click on the video link below. 

For more party favor ideas see my Blog page. 

God bless you and your upcoming event. 

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