How To Make Twig Pencils

Learn how to make rustic twig pencils with wood sticks and tree branches. These pencils are fantastic party favor gifts for weddings and men’s events.

I have given twig pencils to young and old men at a men’s retreat. They Loved Them!

If you are going to give gifts to your guests, give them something worth keeping, give them a life long memory. 


Here is what you will need to make your own:

How To Make Twig Pencils (Ingredients)

How To Make Twig Pencils:

To create these pencils, I went into my yard and cut a 1/2″ branch off of one of my trees. It can be smaller in diameter but not much bigger.  I used loppers to cut the branch but you can also use a handsaw or an axe.  Now, you will want to shorten your stick.  I cut mine to 8″.  Taking a carpenter’s pencil sharpener, go ahead and sharpen the twig.  If you are good at whittling, you can wait until the end to do the sharpening with a knife.  Using a drill and a 7/64″ drill bit, go ahead and drill the hole on the end of your stick. Take the 2mm pencil lead and break it into a length that is shorter than your drill bit length.  Dab the pencil lead into wood glue and then insert the lead into the drilled hole.  Finally, let it dry.

These twig pencils are great little gifts that your guests will love.  If you have a lot to make, don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends to join you in making them.  It could be a pre-celebration crafting party :-).

Blessings to you and blessing to your upcoming event.

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For my step-by-step tutorial, click on the video above.

Send me an email, I would love to see your twig pencils.

PS. When using hand and power tools, you should always know and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for each tool and wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This is necessary for safe use.

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